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Stay connected, get weight loss tools, get the author's latest thoughts and articles

Become an organizer, put together a group in your city for the author.

Become active, let’s turn America on.

  • Help spread the word to give Americans the freedom to enjoy marijuana for health and personal reasons.
  • Become part of the movement that will turn fat Americans into slim Americans.
  • Change America to a higher, happier,and more prosperous country.
  • Help spread the word on social media so we can reach a critical mass.


  • 1.The book becomes a worldwide best seller
  • 2.Online diet support groups
  • 3.Live diet meetings in cities around the world (the Weight Watchers of marijuana dieters)
  • 4.Organizers set up seminars and weekend workshops
  • 5.Develop product line of hemp foods and supplements for members and store sales
  • 6.Invite hundreds of angel investors
  • 7.Hire a president with the experience to build diet centers in the US and internationally
  • 8.Raise money to fulfill the vision
  • 9.Become a publicly traded company
  • 10.Early investors’ stock value grows to 10 to 30 times initial investment. Those who have vision will see that the marijuana industry will become a great investment opportunity


A $100 investment has you own part of the company. Normally angel investors are people with big bucks to invest, and they get to make huge returns on their investment when the company goes public. Just like early investors in Paypal and Google. Now this opportunity is being offered to you, the everyday American who has vision. Invest from $100 to $10,000 and own a piece of the future global diet revolution.

Help turn on America and get your financial rewards at the same time.That's good karma.

This offer is only available in states and countries where it is legal.

Contact us at: Write INVESTMENT in the subject line


Art Glass was 345 lbs when he started applying The Marijuana Diet to himself. He has lost 65 lbs. so far on this diet. Born to the owner of a candy store, Art Glass had a sweet tooth and a chubby childhood. At 18, Art hitchhiked across the US and was he given the book Rational Fasting by Arnold Ehret. He did his first 10 day fast in 1970. He has since then done over 20 long fasts, several of them for 40 days. Art Glass founded and produced the 1st Diet Expo in 1976. It was the largest health expo in America at the time with over 20,000 people attended. Over 20 years ago Art had the idea of writing The Marijuana Diet. But it took all this time to put together the missing pieces for the complete diet. Now that obesity and diabetes is are at critical levels worldwide, Art has retired from the world of business to apply his attention and commitment full time to introducing America and the world to the weight loss and health benefits of marijuana.


Marijuana is legal or not penalized in many countries around the world, and as the attitude shifts in America, it will shift worldwide. WhereverMcDonalds has restaurants, other fast food restaurants have followed and Western style obesity rates are close behind. By 2025 it is projected there will be 300 million people with diabetes and 50% of the population will be overweight. In China 30% of the people are now overweight. Marijuana can change this. Scientific studies have shown that marijuana can help reverse diabetes, relieve body pains and release stress. The American Medical Association has said that stress is the underlying cause of 60% of all illnesses. The world we live in can in our lifetime more a more happy, healthy place to live.Marijuana could replace 60% of all pharmaceutical drugs and hemp could feed people around the world.

This phenomenal plant can treat over 168 illnesses and be used to make over 100,000 industrial products.It can grow in every country in the world. Hemp can clean up our environment and wasplanted after the nuclear accident in Chernobyl to remediate the soil.

When you look around at the problems in the world, and you ask what could fix everything, there is a very short list. Marijuana and hemp can do it. If you feel in your heart that this is true, join Art Glass and thousands of activists and get on your social media groups and make it happen.Give a few minutes of every day to help transform the world.

If we let the leaders and businesses of the world continue on the path they are on, there will be fewer jobs, more environmental destruction, and less of a bright future for everyone. Or we can all do the actions that come to our minds and turn the world on to marijuana. Marijuana will produce more creativity which we need, it will create better health which we need, it will create industries and jobs which we need.

If this speaks to you, become involved any way that you can. Start with the social media. We are winning: In almost half of the states, you can get medical marijuana. By 2016, marijuana will most likelybe legal in California.

These days you can go to college for 4 years, have loans of $30,000 to $200,000, and you are not even assured a job. Over 200 years ago, a group of individuals got together and fought the largest army in the world and they won. The author is now calling you to get on your keyboard and work for the second American revolution. Sign up for the blog and stay connected.

In the spirit of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson (both hemp growers) I sign my name to this declaration.



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